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The 3203 Project
The 3203 Project is a podcast documenting the adventures and absolute non-happenings of three young(ish) British men trying to make sense of 21st Century China.
Episode 1 | 22 November 2012 | Listen
In Episode 1, we contemplate befriending your dinner, almost witnessing fatal car crashes and... Episode 1 itself. Is that post-modern? We're not sure. Makes for 29 minutes of good podcast material, though.
Episode 2 | 3 December 2012 | Listen
After the flood of questions that Episode 1 produced, Episode 2 sees us trying to answer them, getting to grips with such thought-provoking interrogations as "What is Changzhou?" and "What's The 3203 Project?". As promised, we also have a special guest. Eric White talks us through his theories on Chinese language and babies relieving themselves in public places. Ah, the joys of being a 3203 Boy.
Episode 3 | 19 December 2012 | Listen
By an accident of sorts, Episode 3 concentrates mostly on the newest of Chinese past-times. Shopping. We recount tales of our adventures outside the boarders of Changzhou detailing everything we saw, ate and nearly didn't drink.
Episode 4 | 2 January 2013 | Listen
Happy Christmas! Episode 4 brings a personal message from many merry people on the big day itself. Before that we're popping bottles and crying into pillows with our second special guest Tim Crozier. It's a bit of a long one but what the hell, it's Christmas (That's what she said).
Episode 5 | 16 January 2013 | Listen
With the full team back in the same time zone, Episode 5 is all about stereotypes and how they can often be entirely inaccurate. It then moves on to an incredibly stereotypical discussion between three British men on the subject of weather. You just couldn't make this stuff up.
Episode 6 |3 Feburary 2013 | Listen
Pretty much halfway to a baker's dozen of episodes, The 3203 Project brings you a very special treat: DJ Butterface aka Pete the Heat aka Peter Ohlson De Fine. He talks us through his journey of musical self-discovery from Cape Town to the mean streets of Changzhou, whilst also finding the time to comment on babies that treat the whole world as their toilet. Anybody notice a recurring theme here?
Episode 7 | 1 March 2013 | Listen
Fresh and rejuvenated after a lovely Xin Nian break, The 3203 Project returns in the Year of the Snake to share the story of creation (hint: comes out of a chicken) and the myth behind Spring Festival (was it a cat?). There's even time to squeeze in some (brief) references to podcasts of years gone by...
Episode 8 | 21 May 3013 | Listen
Having enjoyed a brief break from podcasting as a result of (insert poor excuse here), The 3203 Project is coming back in your ears with the alluring aroma of Jehanne Poirier. Episode 8 features some gentle racism and light cultural ignorance. It's like we never went away.
Episode 9 | 23 September 2013 | Listen
After a year in China, Pete is off. And so the expat family have gathered for a good old fashioned knees up and shoes off. Taking full advantage of the Japanese all you can eat and drink, this speech filled podcast is much like saké. Short, sweet and in your face. Cheers-bye Pete.
Episode 10 | 17 April 2015 | Listen
Like a mole re-surfacing after far too long below ground, The 3203 Project comes blinking and squeaking into the startling sunlight of modern podcasting. Wearing it's multiple new features as a rudimentary nightgown to cover its modesty, this is one rodent that's back for good, baby. Tune in for other analogies that have been stretched way past breaking point, as well as news since the last podcast, a story about a blue whale in love, the magic of bubbles and the finest pair of impressions you're likely to hear... in the next half hour.
Episode 11 | 29 April 2015 | Listen
Have you ever been disappointed by the results when searching the internet for "bad carrots"? Has anybody ever tried to arrest you for your dancing technique at a funeral? Have you ever tried to squeeze a person through the anal passage of a rhinoceros? In the name of investigative journalism, The 3203 Project did one of those things, and speculated on the outcome of the other two. Listen to the results and so much more in Episode 11.
Episode 11
Episode 12 | 09 May 2015 | Listen
As Nick Knows, 12 episodes was the original target number when the 3203 Project was first invented one chilly winter's eve in November 2012. To celebrate this momentous milestone, we bring you a bumper edition: a full TWO minutes longer than episode 11. And they are two glorious minutes, packed with shout-outs, recriminations and condemnations. Listen in to hear your name (maybe).
Episode 12
Episode 13 | 22 May 2015 | Listen
Recorded live (and cider-soaked) in Shanghai, join us for another whirlwind show featuring the obligatory doses of stupidity, news, shoutouts, nonsensical noises and clinking glasses. PLUS! The exciting new additions of car horns, raindrops, police officers and bus engines, making this the loudest, most crowded and rowdiest podcast yet.
Episode 13
Episode 14 | 24 Septemper 2015 | Listen
How was your summer? Pretty good, you say? That's nice. Sounds safe. Our summer was MENTAL. Properly HECTIC. Don't believe us? Listen in to this latest bumper edition of The 3203 Project to hear all about motorcycle stunts, bread buns in the clouds AND some bloke that was in charge of a place a long time ago. That last one isn't a tease: that is exactly how specific you can be about something if "Nick Knows".
Episode 14
Episode 15 | 02 November 2015 | Listen
It took 14 episodes to get there, but in Episode 15 The 3203 Project finally reaches the heights we've always been aiming for: body-swaps, time travel, The UN and alpacas. It might be the best thing we've ever done. It might also result in a lawsuit and violent protests. Classic 3203 Project.
Episode 15