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Artist's Statement:
The development of my work has revolved around the frustration of the inherent automation of a photograph. My work responds to this by including the ‘hand’ of the artist by physical or digitally interacting with a photography; cutting, rearranging and recomposing images. Or by physically interacting with the chemical processes of traditional printing methods to create abstract images.

My recent work and continuing series unclassified moon investigates the relationship between fabricated worlds, landscape and exploration. Using the Chemigram process I paint fictional images using photo-chemistry. Applying resists onto silver gelatine papers, I build up layers and textures. There is an element of chance and serendipity to the outcome of each image.

Not unlike exploring a new terrain, I explore my unclassified moon by pulling images of it’s landscape from the chemistry. The more I explore through printing, the more a broader and detailed overall picture is created of the fictional moon. Created in part by myself and the random outcome of the chemical processes of of each print.

I print from my studio at The Island Bristol, have exhibited national and internationally and am a darkroom tutor at the Folk House, Bristol, UK.

Virtual South Bristol Arts Trail, Bristol, UK 2020
Darkroom Exhibition, Folk House, Bristol, UK 2020
The Island Tenants Exhibition, Bristol UK, 2019
St Werburgs Arts Trail, Bristol UK 2019
Neck of the Woods Café, Bristol UK 2019
From The Outside In, Changzhou, China, 2017
Park Street, Bristol, 2011
Chime - London, UK, 2010

BA (Hons) Photography - Arts University Bournemouth 2010