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Clips from the 90s
Photographs are saturated with time. Modern communications and social media have elevated domestic photography to a point that is closer than ever to reflecting the present moment. But still these images will sink through time and mature. Over time, an aesthetic emerges from a photograph that reflects the era as a whole. To those it belongs to, the build up of subsequent events and time that continues after the moment weigh upon the image and distill into nostalgia, brining immediate attention to the inherent human ability to understand the passing of time.

In this short series I delve back into the hamper of photographs that is our family album and bring together a collection of cropped images, focusing on the backgrounds, objects, clothes and decorations. I bring together a collection that represents the environment which I remember from my childhood on a UK council estate. The 1990s was the last decade to use analogue photography domestically. Keeping a loaded camera in the draw, ready to take the occasional snap, these images captured the ins and outs of daily life.

Clips from the 90s

When I dig around in my mind to remember my infant childhood
I recall the feeling of surfaces and the hight of things.

The pinching tarmac under bare feet,
The shape of the grass lumps in the back garden,
The gaps between the blue painted floorboards.

I remember the yukka plant,
The brass ornaments,
And the red floral curtains against the blue and gold stripped wallpaper.

I remember the ironing board
And mum stood at it watching the snooker.

The potato man,
The toffy man,
The pools man,
The dust bin men.
The bobby who beat past our house.

The avon lady,
The cheap clothes man
And the Christmas hamper with lemon-curd and honey.

I remember the plastic plug
At the bottom of plastic paddling pools.

I remember gloss paint and dado rails.
Nan's old sofa,
And a pay and watch television.

I remember mum's 30th birthday
And the bouncy castle in the back garden.
The wisps of blue smoke in the air
And squat brown bottles of french beer.

I remember the gas fireplace
And the portable on the landing
bumping down the stairs
And wood-chip on the walls.


CLips of the 90s
A selection of images form 'Clips from the 90s' - Peter J A Webb - 2015